San Pedro de Atacama Village

About 100 kilometres from Calama, the world's driest desert hides a small oasis called San Pedro de Atacama.
It's an adobe town and dirt roads that have stolen the hearts of thousands of tourists for the charms of Atacameña and Spanish culture contained in each of its buildings.
What do you say you come with me and we go around this town together? We go along Caracoles Street with a sky so blue above our heads that it blends in with the sea.

Foreigners of all nationalities walk with us, while our path begins to grow in agencies, restaurants, hotels, accommodations, call center and all the services that a tourist may need for their adventure to the incredible wonders of the area.
That is why, if you ask me, you cannot miss the Valley of the Moon and the Tatio geysers during your stay in these lands.
We continued walking up to Plaza de Armas, where we rested for a few moments in the shade of tamarugo trees and carob trees.
Sitting on a stone bench, you tell me that you were very surprised by the white church we just passed, as well as by the cemetery and the craft market.
– It's San Pedro's culture that's everywhere – I explain to you with emotion when I remember this legacy that was born 11,000 years ago with the first Atacameña communities and continued to be forged with the Inca invasion of the 15th century and the Spanish influence that arrived a hundred years later.
Luego de escucharme, sacas una botella de agua y propones un brindis por este fascinante pueblo, el que yo acepto encantado. – ¡Salud por San Pedro de Atacama! – exclamas y ambos bebemos felices en honor a la capital arqueológica de Chile.


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